Development of 1 Milton Road

The Cambridge City Planning Committee met in early August and approved the application for the development of 1 Milton Road. The proposal is significantly modified from the application rejected in December 2013: see summary below.

Outline of the new scheme

The development will be Anglia Ruskin Uuniversity student accommodation plus a single commercial unit facing onto Milton Road (likely to be Sainsburys). The main features are as follows:

  • number of students reduced by about 20% to 211
  • design of blocks adjacent to Portland Arms changed to tie in better; set 3m further back and parallel with road
  • height of most buildings reduced
  • buildings within the site include visual breaks
  • larger courtyard and wider pedestrian access
  • more bicycle racks
  • as before, no customer parking in front of the supermarket on Milton Road

Previous proposals

The previous application was rejected by the Planning Committee in December 2013, for the following main reasons:

  • The buildings were too bulky and dominating, were not appropriate for the area, and would have an unacceptable impact on the Portland Arms and the Conservation Area.
  • The buildings visible from residents of Corona Road were too high and would be oppressive.
  • The nature of the main pedestrian access to the site did not allow adequate surveillance.
  • Insufficient bicycle parking was provided on site.
Proposed development at 1 Milton Road - facade on Victoria Road Proposed development at 1 Milton Road - facade on Milton Road