Cambridge City football ground

New proposal for houses and apartments

The new plans to develop the Cambridge City football ground were approved by Cambridge City Planning Comittee on 1 October. This scheme is less intensive than the previous plans, has less of an impact on neighbouring residents, and includes more open geen space. Its main features are as follows:

  • number of homes reduced from 138 to 106
  • ~50% of these are family homes (town houses); 40% are affordable housing
  • open green space on site increased from 5700 sq.m. to 6600 sq.m. (about the size of the Cambridge market)
  • the space is now concentrated in the centre of the site, and will include a children's play area and public art
  • the tallest buildings are two apartment blocks which have three storeys plus a set-back storey; these are situated at the side of site, adjacent to the Westbrook Centre. The other buildings are all two or three storeys high
  • the design is contemporary in approach, and similar to the Seven Acres development at Trumpington, which is generally regarded as being of high quality
  • number of parking spaces reduced from 158 to 112 in line with fewer homes; there is no longer a central underground car park.

The developers – Crest Nicholson – have developed other sites in Cambridge and Newmarket, notably the Kaleidoscope development near the station. The architects, Formation, are a local firm that designed the Seven Acres site at Trumpington (with Skanska as the developers).

Crest Nicholson intends to submit its plans around 8th May, and the application will then be considered by the meeting of the Planning Committee in August.

Planned three-storey homes