Recent meetings

FMC's Annual General Meeeting was held on 9th May, with the following agenda. You can view the presentations or notes by clicking on the links.

  • Chairman’s Report by Anne Cooper, including a presentation of guidelines for a feasibility study of Mitcham's Corner redevelopment. [ Presentation ]
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Election of officers. Chairman: Anne Cooper. Secretary: Mary Rose Baugh. Treasurer: Jonathon Miles.
  • Overview of the year (2017-18) by Simon Baugh [ Presentation ]
  • Issues and plans for 2018-19 by Alastair Boyles [ Presentation ]
  • Other business and discussion (incl. a statement from our newly elected Councillor, Jamie Dalzell).

Committee meetings – FMC hold committee meetings monthly. Mostly these are small working meetings, and although guests are welcome, we ask you to email the Secretary if you want to attend. We also hold larger meetings which are attended by Councillors and interested FMC members; these are intended to allow more general discussion of FMC activities, and are advertised on our website.

In addition, we hold a number of open meetings and public events as well as our Annual General Meeting. The public meetings allow members to discuss FMC activities and issues of local concern such as major planning applications, traders' concerns, parking, etc. FMC invites guest speakers to some of these meetings, when this is appropriate.

If you would like to be on our mailing list, please contact our Secretary.


Hustings for the County Council elections were held on 27th April 2017. The event was organised by the local Residents' Associations and FMC, and was an opportunity to hear the views of all the candidates on the City Deal proposals for Milton Road and on other local issues. Candidates presented their priorities, answered prepared questions, and replied to questions from the floor.

Public meeting on "The regeneration of Mitcham’s Corner"

This meeting took place on 15th March and was attended by around 50 members and Councillors. We heard about the latest Council proposals for Mitcham's Corner, as laid out in the high-level Design Framework which will guide redevelopment of the area. There was a very useful discussion of the low-speed "shared space" approach, which is one of the options being considered, including presentations on the needs of disabled and elderly people, pedestrians and cyclists.

The agenda is given below, and you can also read notes on the meeting. If you were unable to attend but want to let us know your views or comment on the discussion, please email us.

  1. Introduction by the chair of the meeting, Anil Malhotra.
  2. Presentation by FMC Chairman, Anne Cooper, explaining the Mitcham's Corner Development Framework, which will form part of the Local Plan.
  3. Merle Pink from Victoria Homes presenting her experience of Mitcham's Corner.
  4. Simon Baugh on a shared-space scheme implemented in Poynton, followed by Q&A with Margaret Waring, a former resident of the town.
  5. Mark Taylor, Access Officer at the City Council, on shared-space schemes and the needs of disabled users.
  6. Joe Adams, Cambridge Cycling Campaign, on the cyclist's perspective on Mitcham’s Corner.
  7. County Councillor Ian Manning on 'experimental' approaches to planning urban change.
  8. General discussion and Q&A with panellists, Councillors and audience.

Sounds Around the Corner



Sounds Around the Corner 2016, our popular free music event, took place in September 2016 along with the Mitcham's & More Festival. There were over a dozen acts including JezO's spectacular magic show, as well as food and drink stalls, crafts and children's activities. See photos on our Sounds Around the Corner page.

Hustings on the City Deal

A hustings meeting on the City Deal Milton Road scheme was held on 28th April 2016, and we heard the views of local election candidates on the Milton Road scheme and the future of Mitcham's Corner. A video of the meeting is available from Richard Taylor's page on YouTube, and summary notes can be downloaded from the Milton Road Residents' Association.

Annual General Meeting 2016

Our AGM was held on Wednesday 20th April 2016, and the minutes are available here. These include a review of FMC's activities this year, and plans for the future.

Mitcham's Models

The 2016 Mitcham's Models event saw mannequins decorated by artists and featuring poems by local poets. The models were displayed in shop windows around Mitcham's Corner, and will be auctioned in support of local children's charity Blue Smile. You can see more details on the models' Facebook page.

Mitcham's & More Festival and Sounds Around the Corner (September 2015)

Mitcham's & More Festival The first Mitcham's & More Festival was held on the first weekend in September, with a Wine and Food Fair on the Saturday, and a Family Day on Sunday. On both days, a wide variety of music was provided by local performers. The event was a success, and raised hundreds of pounds for local charities. We hope the festival will be a regular autumn fixture! For photos from the weekend see the Mitcham's & More page.

Vintage and Preloved Fair (September 2015)

The weather on the day was glorious and the tea rooms were very popular, raising funds for Mitcham’s Models at Christmas, an FMC initiative to brighten up the area at Christmas and raise money for local children's charities.

"Planning for real" workshop (June 2015)

Planning for Real Workshop On the 23rd of June, FMC committee members attended an invite-only workshop on Mitcham’s Corner organised by Glen Richardson (Urban Design and Conservation Manager at the City Council) and Polly Plouviez (Mitcham’s Corner Coordinator), with FMC support. Following up some of the themes explored in our public meeting in February (see below), the core of the “planning for real” workshop was two brainstorming sessions, carried out in small groups:

  • Concrete ideas for improvements at Mitcham’s Corner, bearing in mind the objectives laid out in the Draft Local Plan, the possibilities offered by the Milton Road Bus Priority Scheme (City Deal), and the priorities expressed by local people in the survey earlier this year.
  • Principles for the development of the two largest sites, Henry Giles House and Staples, focusing on built form, scale, harmony with surroundings, and possible uses of the sites. (This planning is for the medium term: the lease of Henry Giles House does not expire until 2018, and the owner of the Staples site is not currently interested in redevelopment, having recently invested in improving and restructuring the buildings.)

Necessary background was provided by three presenters: Glen Richardson, Anne Cooper (Chairman of FMC) and Brian Stinton (Highways and Infrastructure Officer, County Council). There were around 36 participants, including local residents, traders, developers, property owners, local Councillors, the police, Cambridge Cycling Campaign and other stakeholders.

The lively discussions came up with a large number of ideas, including many that FMC has been suggesting for some time. All these ideas were recorded, and will be documented by the City Council team in an “event record” which will be made available for public discussion as part of the consultation process. Details will be made available on our website as soon as possible. The plan is to distil these ideas into a small number of preferred options that will be presented to the City Deal Executive Board by late this year. A Masterplan for the area will then be developed and put out for consultation during 2016.

Meeting discussing results of Mitcham's Corner survey (February 2015)

Map of Mitcham's Corner A public meeting was held in February 2015 to present the results of our survey on the future of Mitcham's Corner and to hear two guest speakers. Over 90 people attended, including City and County Councillors, and the meeting was reported in the Cambridge News. A summary is provided below, and detailed notes are also available (see links on right).

  • Glen Richardson (Urban Design and Conservation Manager at the City Council) explained that the new Local Plan identifies the Mitcham’s Corner area as an Opportunity Area, and declares the intention to redevelop it. The Council aims to strike a balance between improving the place for the people living and working here, but at the same time keeping the traffic moving. This requires the development of a Master Plan, a vision to be developed in close collaboration with local people. Mr Richardson shared some preliminary concepts of how the basic structure of Mitcham's Corner could be reconfigured (including two proposals put forward by FMC). The majority of funding for these changes would come from the City Deal.
  • Brian Stinton (Highways and Infrastructure Officer, County Council) explained about the City Deal and the £25 million Milton Road Bus Priority Scheme, which will develop an improved bus system between the A14 and Mitcham’s Corner. Preliminary analysis and development of options will begin in March, and there will be a consultation early next year. Once the preferred scheme is determined, further consultation will follow in 2017, and construction will start in summer 2018. An initial brief to guide the development of possible options has already been prepared. It includes provision for cyclists on Milton Road, Histon Road and Mitcham’s Corner, as well as a number of public realm proposals.
  • Results of the survey: The number of responses (over 350) demonstrates there is considerable local interest in what should happen at Mitcham's Corner. There is strong agreement that transport infrastructure and services must be improved, including things such as convenient local access to buses, replacement of the gyratory system, reduction in traffic, and better provision for pedestrians and cyclists. From what Mr Stinton said, we can be optimistic that these improvements will be brought about as part of the Milton Road bus scheme.
    However, the survey also showed strong concern that investment in the transport system must be balanced by taking care of the character of Mitcham's Corner. People want the area to be a distinct neighbourhood with small specialised retailers; leisure venues and eating places; a public space with a positive focal point; and better access to the river. Future development should reflect the existing mix of buildings and be guided by a Master Plan. All these goals appear to be shared by City Council planners, and local people will be closely consulted in developing a Master Plan for the area. The results of the survey will be used as part of this consultation process.

IDBE workshop planning for the future of Mitcham's Corner

A week-long workshop was held in 2012 to brainstorm ideas for the regeneration of Mitcham's Corner. The event, involving multi-disciplinary teams of 40 young professionals, was organised by FMC and Dr. Sebastian Macmillan under the auspices of the Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (IDBE)programme.

After a walking tour of the area, and presentations by city and county council officers as well as FMC Chair Anne Cooper, the students were split into two groups: one team was asked to take a more conservative approach in their planning suggestions, while the other was urged to be more imaginative. Interestingly, both teams believed that the most urgent requirement is to replace the gyratory system with a much simpler road layout, and improve facilities for shoppers, residents and visitors. You can view extracts from their final presentations, and read the report of the event in the Cambridge Evening News, using the links on the right.

Cllr Damien Tunnacliffe said: "These ideas would restore the area to people rather than motor vehicles." FMC is proposing that some of these concepts be included in the forthcoming Local Plan, to provide a guiding plan for the development of the Mitcham's Corner area over the next planning period. Our view is that the IDBE event further strengthens the arguments we put forward recently in our inputs to the upcoming Local Plan.

Meetings and events